That One Kid In Your School.

* spoiler alert*

So we all are either in school or have been to school, and I just wanted to talk about something that really gets on my nerves. Y’know that one guy in your school who just consumed the first 5 animes on Netflix and says “I aM aN aNiMe FaN”. I’m gonna go through the top 5 animes that are part of this problem, and then 5 Netflix animes I wish they talked about.

5. 7 Deadly Sins

Okay, I get it. You like Meliodas and all his antics ooh he’s so pervy and quirky and funny and mysterious – but this anime is less than stellar. I enjoyed the first season, and I watched the second without puking at the fact that *spoilers* Ban’s lover looks 8 years old, but the third just didn’t work. It was so messy I can’t even comprehend it. Not even to mention the newest season’s animation quality.

Ew ew ew ew ew

4. One Punch Man

I really enjoyed one punch, it’s just that people really don’t shut up about it. It is for sure an instant classic, but broaden your horizons a little instead of crying that the new season hasn’t come along yet. This anime has a special place in my heart, being try he first one that I watched, but really just watch something else and talk about it. One of my favourite parts of this show was it’s beautiful animation which just keeps you caught.


3. Blue Exorcist

This was one of my first animes, (I’m pretty sure my third??) And I gotta admit the first theme with that SAX absolutely SLAPS, but i’ve got a few criticisms. I went through a like *2 month* wierd emo satanist kill me phase, so this was perfect for my concealer bleached tip ass. Not only was there SATAN but also BLOOD and KIMONOS. Everything a growing boy needs. One problem: I know some people like a dark anime, but who wants to watch something which would probably get you kicked out of a church. I’m not gonna say there aren’t any other animes which could do that, but who wants to hear screaming and see people burn into hellflame in the first 30 seconds?

All my emo eyes needed: flames and swords ( nothing has changed)

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul. We’ve got a big fish to fry here on my one man crew. I’ll sum this series up in one word for starters. Mediocre. I understand there are some big fans, but I enjoyed the first season, that one centipede form for Kaneki in root A, and that unforgettable seen between Touka and Kaneki. It just didn’t make sense. So Kaneki went all psycho and ate Jason, so I was all like ” ooh I wonder what kind of character development is going to happen”. But, to my dismay, the only thing he gained was some black and white striped leggings. He then proceeded to join the Aogiri Tree, which just made zero sense to me. I don’t know if he was trying to protect his friends or what. One thing good though. The first theme and everything else by TK.


1. Sword Art Online

Ah, my favourite isekai (just kidding please don’t shoot). Although this is one of the original ‘trapped in a video game’ kinda things, they were still beat out by dot hack. The Aincrad arc was almost completely enjoyable, except for Kirito and Asuna’s marriage making me cringe so hard my teeth grind together, which was just when they should have stopped. But they didn’t. Instead of waking up Kirito AND Asuna for a happy ending, they trapped Asuna in another game, in which Kirito conveniently has retained the stats from SAO. This arc just freaked me out a bit. What freaked me out was the fact that for one, Suguha has a crush on Kirito, who, even though he is her cousin, has been treated as her brother for her entire life, and also the fact that she found another Kirito in ALO and was just like ” Must be another Kazuto Kirigaya with the same voice as my cousin”. I enjoyed GGO much more, except for the wierd pervy dude. Now, i’m gonna go into the movie, just because I feel obliged. It is hilarious. Not on purpose, but the fact that Kirito tries to do all of the sweet flips and tricks and shit and just trips and falls on his face is comedy gold. He really is a true gamer. This and the kinda cool floor 100 boss are the only redeeming qualities.

Why did I enjoy this trash

Now, it is time for Netflix animes that people should be talking about more.

5. Baki

I know this show is already getting a fair bit of recognition, but just swap this out for something on the list please. It is just SO cool. The fighting looms so fluent and natural and the animation just makes me swoon. Lovin that realistically physic-ed blood.

Very nice

4. No Game No Life

No game no life is a beautiful isekai with lovely – just kidding.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (for real)

The only way to describe this show is fever dream. It’s just so surreal and strange you can’t help but feel like you’re dreaming. Also mechas=good.

Wtf is happening

3. Noragami

Noragami is a pretty cool anime, if I do say so myself. The concept of an unpopular god kinda reminds me of Dan Machi, which is good most of the time. I like spirit monsters.

Caption this image with a fresh meme

2. Haikyuu!

Haikyuu is just a classic sports anime and I love it. Volleyball is such a cool sport to have a show about, and I LOVE it when characters that look weak are actually really powerful.

Me and the lads be like…… i have no friends

1. High Score Girl

I love this. I’m a big Street Fighter guy, so I ate this shit up and compacted it into my mind in 2 days. I obviously had to rewatch it, but it was well worth my time. Although the animation is a bit sketchy, it is really charming and gives me some digivolve animation vibes. I recommend this show a lot.


I’m Back!

Hi there! I’m Calum Smith. I am 13 years old, and I created this blog around 2 years ago to post my stories and just little bits whenever I could. I kinda slipped out of writing for a while and got into other things. But I am back and feeling better than ever. Instead of ONLY writing, I will be posting about music, anime, Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as the normal stories and reviews. Hopefully this is more interesting. I am currently in the process of writing my first book, which will be available as a digital book thingy on Amazon whenever I finish. Hope I interest you guys!



Placidly, the castle stood in the breaking dawn light, which was kaleidoscoping through the stained glass windows. The pointed roof reached for the sky like a blossoming plant, pointing to the sun. It stood at least fifty metres high, and seems to grow as you closen.

The chiselled stone bricks were shadowing the lawn, which seemed never-ending. The pruned bushes were in miraculous shapes such as ducks, dogs and frogs. Beautiful flowers such as hyacinths, lobelias and roses circled the towering building, as if surrounding it.

On the inside, a fireplace burned, with serpentine flames writhing and slithering around the charred logs, and smoke funneling through a large chimney. Different rooms snaked around, amidst five-hundred foot long corridors and halls as large as a whole house alone.

When everyone is awake, and the castle is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming day, the cold castle almost becomes home.

Written in response to the creative writing ink picture prompt.


Saving Majestro


puny mortal. He is toying with forces he knows nothing of. At first this all seems like fun, but all of this meddling is going to lead him, and all of the other mortals who try to do magic, down a dark path on the way to becoming evil warlocks and witches. I am Meistro, the good wizard, hiding in the shadows of your so called non-magical and average world. Without the proper training, all of these people, who think they are playing games, are causing a massive rupture in the magic barrier between our worlds, and will cause it to rip apart. If this happens, both our worlds will implode. Our world, Majestro, is almost parallel to earth. These puny mortals needs to stop their meddling, so I have sent my apprentice jethro to stop him. Hopefully he has the power to fix this little boy’s mistake.

“Amphibiosis!” I shouted, struggling to turn a teacup into a toad. I was in the middle of my tutoring session with my teacher, Meistro, as I was a bit more behind in transfiguration than the other children. I was supposed to be going on a quest to stop mortals from using magic for little tricks, but I didn’t see how I could do it. In every subject I tend to fall behind. Without Meistro, I would still be learning how to make a feather float (the first lesson). I was re-doing the year anyway. I don’t understand why Meistro picked me. Apparently I have potential, but I don’t know how to harness my powers. What if I can’t do it? “Again.” Said Miestro. He was an elderly man, over two hundred years old in fact, but he still had a voice like thunder. He scared all of the teachers even though he was nice. ” Amphibiosis!” I said, with passion this time, but I only managed to cause the teacup to turn green and warty and sprout toad legs. “At this rate, this boy won’t come close to completing this quest.” It was Proffessor Nocte. “After all, you only have until tomorrow. ”          “Tomorrow?” I said, confused. “I thought I still had another month!”           “Well, Proffessor Aevus’s prediction was wrong. After all, being a seer is one of the hardest parts of magic.” Proffessor Nocte said, with a malicious smile. “You’d better get back to training, or you’re donefore.”

Gingerly, I stepped towards the swirling vortex. It stared back at me, waiting for its next meal. “Go Jethro,” said Meistro. “There are two worlds who’s fates are in your hands.” “Ok. wish me luck.” I took one last glance at my world, which I may never see again.

Slowly, I opened my eyes, and saw that I had appeared in a forest. The trees hung low like they were falling asleep. Drowsily, I stood up and started my journey, wondering about what awaited me at the end of the path. It now seemed as if I had entered a large village. “Ouch!” I said, walking into a boy. He was around my age, shooting lightning at a tree – wait. Shooting lightning? “How do you know how to do that?” I said, bewildered. “Do what?” He said, but I knew he was lying. “You just shot lightning at a tree without any training, or a wand! Even i’m not a high enough wizard level for that!” I said, bewildered. “Who are you, and why are you talking like a nut?”                             “I am Jethro, of ilvermorny wizard academy. Also, I didn’t know that nuts could talk in this dimension.”                     “Are you crazy or something?”                  “No, I’m Jethro. Are you deaf?”                   “You’re weird. See you never!” With that he hopped onto his bicycle and rode away. Or at least tried. I had been practising this spell for weeks. “Volitantiosis!” I shouted, and a hovering circle of pure energy appeared at my feet. Reluctantly, I jumped on, wondering if it would be solid or not this time. I can’t believe it worked. What a fluke. I raced after him, easily catching up. “Stop!” I hollered, which distracted him and caused him to fall off of his bike. We were in an alleyway, lit by only the slowly sinking sun. Graffiti shrouded the walls with neon colours, and the odour of dumpsters wafted around. “I have been waiting for you Jethro!” A mysterious yet familiar voice said. It was Proffessor Nocte! “Who are you?” Shouted the boy,               “I am the man that will cause the ominous end to your journeys.”                 “Stay back!” Shouted the boy, thrusting out his hand. Suddenly, Proffessor Nocte’s robes were set on fire. Sinister flames licked his thigh, scalding him as he cursed and screamed. “How can you, a mere mortal, use magic?” He shouted, shocked and in pain. But it was too late me and the boy had bolted around the block, in the dead of night, amongst the dangers of darkness. We stumbled around the corner, were we stopped to take a breath. “I never got your name.” I said. “I am Jesse.” “Now, why don’t you introduce me to that weird old guy that just attacked us?”                                           “That was Proffessor Nocte from my wizard school. I knew he didn’t like me, but he just crossed the line.” I said, breathing heavily. “I was sent on a quest to stop mortals like you from using magic in this world, to stop my world from dying.” “Do you want to help?”         “Sure. How?”                                                  “We both train very hard for a spell so powerful, it will take both of our powers to stop it”                                                         “Prohibere Magicae” after saying those words, the wind seemed to blow stronger and faster. “Ok, lets do this”

A lengthy training montage later…

“After all these hours of training I think that we’re ready” I said enthusiastically. “Hold on!” I shouted.                                     We joined hands and hovered into the air, a blue light submerging us. “PROHIBERE MAGICAE!” We both shouted, and the blue glow we were harbouring pulsated throughout the land. It spreaded throughout the land banishing all magic from it at fixing all damage caused. “Well, I guess I should be going,” I said spirits slowly drooping. “Goodbye Jesse.”                                            “Goodbye weirdo.” We shook hands, and then I made some distance to prepare for opening the portal. “Majstrosis!” I shouted, and a swirling blue vortex opened in front of me. I can’t believe that I didn’t teleport myself to Australia or something. “See you never.” I said, before stepping through the portal.

I found myself in the study hall of Ilvermorny, where Meistro was waiting for me he was gazing out of the window. All of the exotic trees and the beautiful and calm blue sky. “Jethro,” said Meistro. “I think that you just did something a lot more advanced than turning a teacup into a toad.”


Easter is awesome!!!

My Easter has been awesome so far. I mean, everyone loves all of the chocolate, but my favourite part has to be the easter dinner. In my family, every single part of the dinner is home made (except for the yorkshire puds ) – and I got to make it this year! We had roast potatoes, roasted carrots, cauliflower cheese, our special turkey, parsnips, vegetables, pigs in blankets and home-made gravy. I chopped and peeled the veg, getting a little scratch in the process, stuffed the turkey with butter and wrapped the sausages in bacon. It tasted really good and everyone else liked it too. Next Easter/Christmas, I hope that I can do it myself.


A New Beginning.



A bleak desert is blessed by a single blooming flower. A new beginning. This single sprout of greenery will cause the desert to start anew. Soon, the desert will go from a barren wasteland, to a beautiful oasis, in the middle of a sea of unforgiving drynness. A clean lake will sit in the middle, surrounded by lush vegetation and the tallest trees of all. Animals, dehydrated and starving will make this place their habitat. Rain will make this place flourish, and soon, a gargantuan rainforest will cover it, like paint slowly covering a canvas. Maybe more deserts will become forests. Who knows? The beauty of a new beginning is that every animal is good natured and the landscape is covered with a thick layer of herbary. Nothing is left out when Mother Nature uses her midas-like powers to cover everything in beautiful floral masterpieces. Maybe this won’t happen. It’s all a mystery of nature.


The Fog.


Nothing. Like a blank canvas, the world sits peacefully, without even the smallest movement. Such is the world, when all life is erased. From space, the only thing to be seen is a ball of mist, seemingly motionless. Only the tallest monuments, built centuries before, are seen above the endless smog. With all humans gone, the Earth is finally silent and still. Motionless. Free of the bustle and the traffic. Without humans, the world would die, but flourish as a new place. A place where there is not hate and greed, but harmony. Lady Liberty, looked as free as she had ever been but she somehow looked sadder. The thing she was built to signify was gone. Nothing on Earth could feel free because there wasn’t anything there to feel it. Sad. That was the only way to describe this now miserable place.

By Calum Smith age 11

Written in response to the writing ink image prompt.


Harry Potter and the philosipher’s stone. *spoiler alert*

20180307_1749401549490838.jpgIm sure everybody has read this book so i’m going to keep this brief.


Harry Ron and Hermione try to find out who is trying to steal the philosipher’s stone, which has the ability to turn the user IMMORTAL. They have to go through Devil’s snare, flying keys, a giant chess set and an ogre, to find out that their assumptions had been wrong. Though they had thought that it was proffessor Severus Snape, it turned out to be the quivering Proffessor quirrel, who had been housing the spirit of the Dark Lord Voldemort.


I LOVED this book. I don’t know why, but I was sceptical about reading this book at first. J.K Rowling combined witty humour and adventure and it worked perfectly. And I mean PERFECTLY. I cannot wait to read the next book.


Overall, this book was AMAZING and I would love to read it again. When I read the book it was like I was right there, watching the trio cast magical spells and sneak around Hogwarts. This book is a MUST read.


The final battle.


As he entered the damp dungeon, a foreboding mist settled around him. The room lit up with a striking green light and, when he was able to see again, his worst enemy was standing directly opposite him with a green-yellow mist enveloping  him. Without a word, the duel started. The ancient evil being, who had been slumbering for a millenia, flourished his sleek black wand and forced the hero to the ground. Heroically, He drew his birch wand and flung the Ancient One across the room. The Maniacally malicious being simply laughed at his heroics. The being thrust his hand forward and muttered seemingly made up words, which caused the brave hero’s wand to fly into his hand. The Ancient one desintegrated the hero’s wand and swished his own wand into his opponent’s direction. Boom! He flew backwards into the door, forehead beaded with sweat. He could barely move. As his enemy came in for the kill, time froze. “The magic is in you” it whispered “The magic is in you.” Instincts kicking in, he held out his hands, and with a blinding flash, his enemy exploded in a streak of emerald green light. He realised that the magic was not in his wand, but inside him all along.


By Calum age 11 a.k.a me!!

Written in response to the creative writing ink image prompt march 2018


Percy Jackson and the lightning thief book review. *spoiler alert*

51m-tepjz6l1013942361..jpgPlot:                                                                 This book is about a normal pre-teen named Percy Jackson-or so he thought. After a wierd museum trip where his supply teacher turns into a demon, he finds out that in fact, he is a demigod (son/daughter of a god). Being the one and only son of Posiedon, Percy is chosen to go on a quest to recover the elusive master bolt, for which he is blamed for stealing. Percy and his friends (Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood) encounter many twists and turns during their journey like the Lotus Casino and Auntie Ems gnome emporium.

Opinion:                                                           I loved this book and I couldn’t put it down. It got re-read dozens of times and all of the pages are folded in from me marking page after page after page.

Summary:                                                          Overall, this is one of the best books that I have ever read and I could read it forever without ever getting bored. The entire series was amazing and very enjoyable. You guys can look forward to more book reviews in the future. See you later!!!